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Be Bookwise.......



to help children from 5 to 12 years old who struggle with reading and  may also lack confidence and self esteem


Offered via schools and delivered on a one to one basis for the duration of a school term


The programme provides  a child with an opportunity to improve their reading away from peer pressure with the help of our non-judgemental registered dogs known as  "Book Buddies"


  • Be Bookwise was launched by Caring Canines in March 2009

  • "Book Buddies"  provide each child with the incentive, motivation and reward to read.

  •  End of term tests namely The Salford Test and Neale Analysis prove the degree of progress in the reading skills of each child

  • Reports from parents and teachers indicate any improvement in a child`s social skills and confidence is an added benefit


Quotes from schools


We are delighted to be involved with the Caring Canines Be Bookwise programme and witness the children`s progress


It is proven that reading to the dogs motivates the children and we are keen to continue working with Caring Canines


There has been a noticeable increase in the childrens`confidence and communication skills and they are more positive about reading


from one little girl "I like reading to my Book Buddy - it helped me to get to my class reading level"


Caring Canines teams participating in Be Bookwise are only drawn from our members who are also committed to visiting a dedicated venue on a regular basis


"Be Bookwise" has been designed and is operated only by Caring Canines accredited volunteers and  is in no way conected with other similar schemes


If you are interested in this type of work please contact Sue or Julie


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