founded August 2006

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If you are interested in joining us in the local community and can make a regular committment once a week, once a fortnight or once a month ,  if your dog is friendly, loves being cuddled and stroked, is basically obedient and gentle then follow the steps below:


*  telephone 01202  574791 (Julie) or  01202 764571 (Sue) - if no-one answers leave your name  and contact no - we will call you within 12 hours  or email us on sulie2060@gmail.com giving a contact telephone number ............we will call you for a chat and talk you through the  process


*   If you decide to go ahead we will send you an application form and once this is returned and at least one of your referees has replied our Assessor will contact you  to arrange an assessment date, time and place (not your home)to  carry out  various, non distressing tests to assess your dog(s) suitability for our work.   At no time will your dog be taken out of sight and the Assessor will explain what she`s doing and why


*  Do not be afraid to ask questions  at this meeting  .... you need to know about us just as we need to know  about  you...........


*  The Assessor will tell you if your dog has passed, if a little more training needs to be carried out to bring them up to visiting standards and in the case of a young animal whether you need to wait a bit longer and then have them reassessed.....it may be that your dog would not be happy as a visitor and it`s better to know that  before you begin........ do not be disappointed if your dog does not pass the first time - we can always  reassess at a  later date


CONGRATULATIONS....!!!  you`ve passed, your referees have replied and your

WELCOME/REGISTRATION PACK is on it`s way to you............


  Either Sue or Julie will arrange a time and date for your first visit - One of us will come along on the first 1 or 2 visits to help you settle in and if you feel you still need a little bit of  support we`re  there and have plenty of experienced Volunteers who will

always answer any questions and give you the benefit of their wide experience


         You will quickly become a valued part of our extended family with a very special and important place for you and your pet in the local community, working together as a team and most of all having fun






All dogs brought to CARING CANINES for assessment must be at least 9 months old, healthy, and living as a family member..Yearly membership  £15 (visiting and non-visiting) joint membership £20 after the first year for 2 people living at the same address, £10 per year for further persons living at the same address


Want to help but don`t own a dog.  Supporting members are fully involved and can "buddy visit"... ...there`s a place waiting for you on our team